Your Choice Not Theirs


Some teenagers can always make their own decisions. In this case, they are considered young adults. They acquire enough knowledge and courage to know what they want to do and then do it. Of course, their parents do not want them to make poor choices in life but there is no way they can live their child’s life for them. On the other hand, some teenagers already have their life planned out for them and they must follow those rules no matter what and most of the time the child grows up unhappy simply because they spent all of their life doing what others wanted them to do.

I suffered from a family that had already had my life somewhat planned. Since I was small, my aunt has always made me participate in things I was simply not interested in. Because of this, my attitude has gotten a bit worse over the years. I never spoke up and said what I really wanted. I just went with the flow thinking it would get better for me. The fact that I wanted to attend Mississippi State University made my family very angry. I wouldn’t get any support for the choice that I made. I promised myself when I graduated from Alcorn I would receive a Masters degree from Mississippi State University.

We all fear failure but only a few teens fear disappointing their families because of their choices. It doesn’t matter to them whether their parents care or not because the final decision is theirs. Apparently, they have the guts to try things others do not. Teens that tend to make their own decisions are likely to be happier and have more freedom. They may make mistakes but at least they will learn from those mistakes. If parents set too many rules for their children it is very likely that they will disobey. Also, if parents tell children what they can’t do, it is common that they would want to do it even more. It is important that parents learn to accept the fact that they cannot control their teenager’s choices. Allowing them to learn from their choices is the best way for them to learn responsibility.

One of the most important aspects of life is knowing who you are as a person. Knowing your own limitations and advantages can help keep you successful in life. You are never too young to figure out who you are. Making decisions on your own can help you find what your calling is and let you explore other options. Depending on parents for life choices may help sometimes but it’s not always what’s best for you. Nobody knows you better than you. Not even the people that raised you.

Keeping teens from making their own decisions can do several things. For example, it could cause severe depression which may cause the child to isolate him/her self from the world. Most parents don’t even take the time to listen and understand their children. They never seem to think about how the child feels and what their desires are. Some teens will not stand up for themselves or say what they want because they do not want to disappoint their parents. They choose to go through with the decisions their parents make for them just to keep them happy. It is important to give teens responsibility and trust.

Overall, I am on the side of making my own decisions that make me happy. We may make terrible mistakes sometimes, we may have parents that say I told you so but in the end, I know what and what not to do because I made that decision on my own. Always be true to yourself. Never give up on what you desire just because something went wrong. Prove them wrong.