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Fashion Accessories: Why They’re So Important

When people mostly think of fashion or ordinary wear, many instantly think of clothing and sneakers, alienating the importance and vitality of accessories. Take cooking for instance, with any dish, you have your main essential ingredients, but that alone doesn’t make up the meal in its entirety. You have to include spices and other components to complete a meal, and the same goes for fashion. Your main staple garments, such as your tops, pants, and shoes, are the main ingredients, but overall, the accessories make and fully complete your looks into something more tasteful and distinctive.

Adding jewelry is one of the simplest yet most important and effective ways to incorporate accessories into your outfits. Jewelry can vary on numerous pieces, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Although women have openly adopted and incorporated jewelry within their looks for years, men are now more accepting of incorporating jewelry into their everyday wear. There is no right or wrong way to wear jewelry as long as it is proper and fun. Maximalism with jewelry is becoming increasingly popular as people now use jewelry as a creative way to layer necklaces, stack rings, and incorporate stylish enjoyable pieces that significantly impact their outfits and looks. Jewelry is easily accessible as it can be bought online and in stores such as malls and secondhand stores. When wearing jewelry, always embrace your interests and never feel obligated to stick to the status quo.

Eyewear can also be an essential element in elevating an outfit with accessories. With eyewear, you have classic and classy staple pieces, but you also have more interesting avant-garde pieces that are trendy today. Eyewear is a personal styling element that is all about fun and experimenting. Finding a good pair of frames and introducing and incorporating eyewear into looks will contribute to your overall outfit and task you with expression and creativity in fashion.

Wearables are typical fashion elements that add a core creative outlet when accessorizing looks. Wearables are your distinctive headwear, bags, and belts that often draw attention and attraction to our looks in more ways than we realize. Headwear includes your everyday baseball caps, fitted hats, beanies, and much more. Regardless of the headpiece, hats add a fun, innovative aspect and significantly impact your finished look. For many people, bags are used more functional than fashionable but can still be used as a fun accessory for the eye. In previous years bags were more notably established as a woman’s accessory, but now, more men are open to including bags in their outfits. Belts are another critical fashion element that should be discussed more often. Bags and belts are used more for function, but with a great creative mind and willingness to explore they can be a fun impactful accessory that can significantly enhance your wardrobe.

Through and through accessories complement your outfits and generally complete your overall look. Fashion is a creative, tasteful element and should not be used with boundaries or typical stereotypes. Remember, the next time you put on your everyday clothing items, always incorporate some form of accessories. By incorporating extras into your simple looks, you are establishing yourself as a more presentable, polished individual who pays attention to detail and, more importantly, has fun with fashion. 

Ladarrius Besst
Ladarrius Besst
Ladarrius Besst is a Senior Mass Communications major from Jackson, Mississippi. He will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2022-2023 school year.


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