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Surgery Body vs Natural Body: Is It Worth It?

Women and girls of this generation are in a constant fight of looking good and being their best selves. Unfortunately, we are in a time where beauty conquers all (or at least most) and personality is seldom evaluated. Everything that is shoved in the faces of many mothers, daughters and sisters are what is measured as success in the name of beauty. Enhanced bodies are not the best way to go considering the potential risks that comes with surgery. Natural bodies are the ideal goal that women and girls should strive for.

There are many benefits of staying natural. Surgery, just like your body, is temporary. You might as well not try to change something that is going to change anyway. A good example is the most popular cosmetic surgery currently, the BBL. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a process where women get the fat from another part of their body and have it transferred to their derriere. Honestly, unless you have an incredible doctor, it looks unnatural. If that’s your thing then good for you but the way the procedure is done, everyone will know there was work done. Celebrities who’ve had the procedure done fail to let ordinary women know that the reason their BBL is somewhat still intact is because they consistently work out (a result you can get with your natural body) and they may have money to continue getting the expensive procedure improved upon. Women should also consider the risk of death just to have a nice buttocks. It’s sad that some women would take on the chance of a botched surgery or even endure health problems for beauty and validation.

People can be so influenced by what they see that they don’t even realize how celebrities modify themselves so that they appear to be what they aren’t. Women think they need a BBL to look good in a certain pair of jeans, but the picture of the woman that they’re idolizing with the perfect body, in many cases, is photoshopped. We live in the generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), so there is an immense amount of editing that goes into these photos. Photoshop is available to all, and tech-savvy editors can make the photo perfect, yet unrealistic. With social media apps having algorithms to influence certain demographics, they purposely target people that can be influenced. This could be aspiring influencers, people who are insecure, or women looking for a quick way to the top. These apps analyze activity to see what your interests are. There has to be a level of discretion that resides in you to know that you don’t need anything too extra to accentuate your beauty, especially surgery.

There are ways to be happy with the body that you have. Do not depend on anyone to measure your amount of beauty. Be sure to find your style of clothing, color tones and things that make you feel happy. Your confidence gives you something that people will automatically gravitate to and see as beauty. There are still people in the world who appreciates beauty from within, so do not feel discouraged when you see those women who have modified themselves and have the life you think you desire. Besides, you really don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Larissa Chillous
Larissa Chillous
Larisssa Chillous is a Junior Mass Communications major from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 academic school year.


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