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When is cheating, cheating?

There are different types of ways to show affection. There must be a line drawn when engaging in certain activities with someone that is not considered your significant other or else it can cause confusion within your relationship. Physical affection is something you want to be cautious with. Hugging a certain way can send mixed signals. A “side hug”, or a hug where your shoulder is pressed against the person’s body and your arm wraps around the top half of the body is more appropriate. A full hug is often in question. It depends on the way you hug and who it is. Hugging with your full body pressed against someone is typically reserved for those you care about, such as family, a longtime friend, or a significant other. What makes the hug questionable is where the hands are. Roaming hands, especially if they touch any intimate body parts, are usually deemed inappropriate. According to www.acounciousrethink.com, hugging is a natural human action that helps us build bonds with people, but if it continues longer than is necessary in a tighter embrace, that can assume a more intimate connection and be classed as lightly cheating of some sort.

Touching a random friend or acquaintance, especially for a long duration of time is typically a big “no-no”. This includes holding hands, cuddling, carrying of a person and any type of kiss. Certain body languages should also be avoided to induce the act of infidelity. There are many body languages that gives off obvious signs of flirting. Things such as biting your lips, winking, excessive laughter or smiling, standing too close, twirling of hair and sudden posture adjustment (such as arching your back to make your breasts or rear end to appear fuller) can send a flirtatious signal.

Inappropriate communication is also a sign of cheating. This is usually the start to the path of emotional cheating. According to theheathline.com, emotional cheating is when your closeness to someone else disrupts your investment in your partner, causing you to focus on your connection with them instead of your monogamous relationship. Other ways to cheat emotionally includes sharing private and/or intimate information with someone other than your significant other, texting inappropriate messages, especially in the late hours at night, and constantly comparing your partner to them.

Overall, cheating should be easy to avoid if you are truly in love with your partner. You should want to avoid sending the wrong message to someone you’re not in a relationship with, such as flirtatious body language, text messaging, conversations and gestures. I believe that cheating has gone too far when these things are commonly done to the one you’re supposed to give the utmost respect to. If you are doing these things in a relationship, I strongly suggest that you end it before hurting them and ruining their perception on what a relationship should be. You should instead find ways to entertain your emotional satisfaction with someone who wants the same unattached relations with you instead of breaking the heart of someone that wants a solid, monogamous relationship.

Larissa Chillous
Larissa Chillous
Larisssa Chillous is a Junior Mass Communications major from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 academic school year.


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