A Fashion Guide to FASHION WEEK


It’s that time of the year again, FASHION WEEK! It has finally arrived and with the runway shows comes a different type of style, the fashionistas, fashiomistas and hype beast are flocking to the streets of Manhattan to see what that style is.

So what are the styles everyone will be wearing? Well I’m here to give you those trends and fads to keep you up-to-date this fashion season. I’ll give you the must haves on outwear, shoes, bags and anything else that’ll have the paparazzi pointing their cameras at you. Now I know this may seem a little intimidating to put these street style trends into your everyday wardrobe but I promise every look below is cost efficient and guaranteed to make you look good. It’s all about whimsical fashion trends, the Faux furs, oversized sweaters and anything else that the Fashion Gods may grace your closet with.

Thanks to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), real fur is out and Faux fur is in. With the vegan and animal rights’ trend on the rise, more and more fashion heads are taking a stance against the cruelty of animals. I know I know, when you think of Faux fur you probably think of Joan Rivers and Cruella de Vil but Faux fur is synonymous with these two women. Right now, it’s more versatile than ever thanks to the advancement of technology and dyes. These Fall/Winter must haves can be that pop of color you need to make a statement. No matter how it’s cut it’ll be your favorite piece, the bolder the better.

Patriotism has gone beyond the local VA lodge, all the way down to the runway of New York Fashion Week. You can see camouflage in various colors and styles. Fashion powerhouse designers such as Raf Simons have definitely shown the fashion world how to use camo to their advantage.

To unpopular belief we are now in the fashion era of asexual, gender neutral and gender-fluid clothing designs. There has been an incredible influx in athletic wear such as vintage” band tees, distressed denim and jewelry, especially bracelets.

For this next trend, you might want to stop by Paw-Paw’s and Maw-Maw’s house to catch a rerun of Bonanza or a John Wayne classic. Boots of all sorts have become a trend that will forever be in every fashion lovers wardrobe. Boots will definitely be walking down catwalks, runways and right into the front door of your favorite stores. With the uniqueness and versatility of leather and suede you can definitely find a pair of boots to complete any Fall/Winter trend.