A Letter to Mother Nature


Dear Mother Nature,

We are sick and tired of you playing with our emotions. Can we just get the warmer weather, so we can show some skin? Now I’m not saying make it 100 degrees, I’m just saying we should not be wearing jackets in April. It is time for the sundresses to be pulled out with the matching beach hats. I know April showers bring May flowers but I don’t think I have ever heard anything about April coldness bringing May flurries. Like, girl what is going on with you? You are confusing us fashion heads down here on Earth. We want to enjoy Springtime but with your unfamiliar coldness we are not sure of what to do. Now don’t make it so hot that we have to go directly into Summer gear such as tank tops, short shorts and flip flops. Allow us to ease into the season because Laquan Smith has some Spring outfits that are to die for. Dolce & Gabbana have a two piece floral print jumper that I am sure every Fashionista would love to wear. Mother, we are only asking for a small favor. We need you to grace us with the Spring season, so that Mother Beyonce can snatch back wigs during her Coachella performance. Give us a glimpse of Spring so that the paparazzi can catch our favorite celebrities in the tantalizing Spring 2018 ready to wear collection by Calvin Klien. Oh my! Do not allow me to forget the rebirth of the 1990s Spring collection that Versace has graced us with. Mother Nature we Fashionmistas and Fashionistas need this Spring weather so we can grace the fashion shows  with our new duds. We are begging and pleading with you to give us this weather. Now this time, we are asking nicely but the next time we come to you we are bringing our Daddy Jesus along. I bet you won’t tell him no.


An Angry Fashion Head

Okay, my Fashionistas and Fashionmistas I have spoken with Mother Nature about this unpredictable weather. We shall see if she grants us our wish. Hopefully she does because we have anticipated this Spring weather for too long.  If Mother Nature does not conform to our request, just match up with the looks below and you will be set for this wavily weather.