Album Review: Wow…That’s Crazy


The DC rapper Wale released his 6th studio album ‘Wow…That’s Crazy’ on October 11th. He gave the Hip Hop community what it has been longing for. You can listen to it from beginning to end and not skip over any songs. It’s arguably one of Wale’s best albums in recent years.

Two years ago he released the album ‘Shine’. It had songs with catchy hooks and had the typical topics which discussed women and fame. ‘Shine’ was not one of Wale’s best works but he bounced back with ‘Wow…That’s Crazy’.

During the time between albums, Wale was vocally cocky about his career, shouting at the internet for being excluded from most Top 50 rapper lists and saying that everyone was wrong by stating that he was “a lyrical beast”. If Wale had a few more releases as thought provoking and humbling as his fourth mixtape, ‘The Mixtape About Nothing’ which was released in 2008, then we as music lovers probably wouldn’t question the possibility of him being one of the best rappers to date but listening to ‘Wow…That’s Crazy’ took me back to the old Wale where he was a god among men in the Rap game. Throughout the album Wale discusses things like black excellence, topics about women, dodging his critics and even him seeing a therapist.

The album has 15 songs and is 54 minutes long. The songs that standout more than others are “Cliché”, “Debbie”, and “Routine”. After years of surviving the industry with poetic flows ‘Wow… That’s Crazy’ showed the world why Wale is still around and not going anywhere.

This album receives 9 stars out of 10 stars.