Album Review: Double or Nothing


‘Double or Nothing’, the collaborative album, which was released December 8, 2017 through GOOD Music, Boominati Worldwide, Def Jam Recordings and Republic Records is nothing but musical trouble. The boys in black (Big Sean and Metro Boomin) brought hip fans a cold winter. This 10-track album is full of nothing but BANGERS back to back.

 “Do you know where you going to? / Do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to? / Do you know?”  What better way to start the album off with a sample than the sweet angelic voice of Diana Ross. Actually, there is no way. Sean and Boomin kick off the album with “Go Legend” featuring rock star Travis Scott. “Go Legend” is a heavy 808 led song which describes the two long hard and awaited journey to becoming Hip Hop legends.

Ye said, “Kill em all”/ God the only witness, is a quote on track 2 entitled “Big Bidness” where Big Sean and Metro activate the kill switch and prove why they are all about that life. Moving forward to track 3, “Who’s Stopping Me,” Metro slows the tempo down and samples “Clarão da Lua” by Brazilian MPB singer Nazare Pereira. Big Sean follows the beat and adds a few dramatic pauses in his flow but never lets up on his bars, thanks to the additional help of Young Thug.

21 Savage decided to pull up to the studio and display his talents on track 4. This song was my least favorite on the entire album. Although Young Metro delivered on the beat, the flow and lyrics were basic. On the contrary, the next track “So Good” was full of intensity and chemistry between the two Detroit natives Big Sean and Kash Doll. This track was a break down from all of the hard masculine lyrics and gravitated towards a vibe for the ladies.

Throughout the album Metro and Big Sean go up and down the scale of tempos testing out all kinds of instruments. I believe Metro Boomin’s production was perfect under Big Sean’s melodic ability in songs like “Even the Odds,” “In Tune” and “No Hearts, No Love.” If you haven’t heard this album you need to give it a listen.

Overall, this double duo album was very good. ‘Double or Nothing’ receives 7 stars out of 10 stars.