Album Review: Floor Seats


The prettiest trapper alive, a.k.a A$AP Ferg, slid to the Hip-Hop cookout mid August with a gift EP entitled ‘Floor Seats’ to end the Summer vibes off right. With all of the media attention primarily focused on his MOB-MATE, A$AP Rocky due to his arrest in Sweden, Ferg’s project was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a negative situation and steer all the buzz back to why people love them in first place, THE MUSIC.

‘Floor Seats’ re-introuced a sound to the game that can only be done one way, the “FERG WAY”. If you aspire to rock a Prada trench, too legit, $30,000 dollar coats or you got more b*tches than a Hummer limo, this ones definitely for you. If you want that Harlem, street-biking in my Tiffiany’s, fly sh*t only kind of rap, then you’ll love track one “Floor Seats”. The “SMBU” sample from the band Prodigy gives the song a psychedelic-ambient type of feeling. It’s like a scary 808 movie… imagine that. And with the crazy edits in the music video “Floor Seats” is just “Coo-Cooooo.”

The next song, “Jet Lag” is a fan favorite and that’s probably because Ferg was in his bag the entire 3:24 with all of his Billboard songs you love like “New Level” and “Plain Jane.” Ferg embodies that same flow on this one. Presi Plain Jane takes you through the Cozy airlines and proves why ‘Fergie Ferg is that n*gga.’ “Jet Lag” is a club song for sure just like Track 3 “WAM.”

On “WAM” Ferg collabs with Private Records’ MadeinTYO. And with Tokyo on the chorus you automatically know this number is a head-bopper. ‘One, two, three/ she a pro with the neck..WAM!’ While Tokyo seemed to have fun with his 8 bars, Ferg came to kill every rapper with precision. Being known for his heavy bars and distinctive ad-libs “WAM” was the perfect track to do him once again.

They say you can’t be fly if you don’t show the ladies no love right? So, get your 1’s and 2’s ready to follow Ferg in the strip club on the next track, “Wigs”. Throughout ‘Floor Seats’, you’ll hear Ferg mention his fetish for Asian women. But on “Wigs” you’ll actually here one, well not really an Asian but Texas’ Asian, Da Brat.

‘Asian Doll/ I’m the hardest f*cking, doll ayyy.’

You’ll definitely want to know who she is after listening to “Wigs”.

The female vibes don’t stop there for ‘Floor Seats’ because they get even better along the way. With all of the controversy surrounding female rap this Summer, Ferg collaborates with Rico Nasty showing why female rappers deserve to be in the conversation. Nasty is known for being an unapologetic oddball but her bars definitely keep her in the mix. “Butt Naked” isn’t a song for everybody but if you respect artistry then you’ll give it a listen.

Midway through, you hear a little Harlem Shake music. The Shaq and Kobe of the MOB, Ferg and Rocky show their brotherly love, teaming up on Track 6 entitled “Pups”. ‘Where my dawgs at? (We right here, dawg). I can imagine this song playing while Ferg was on the way to see Rocky for the first time since his release. Real rap. Real MOB SHXT!

From there, Ferg talks about his VV teeth, LV fleeces and exotic women on “Hummer Limbo” which is another fly track that is upbeat and entertaining.

With ‘Floor Seats’ having only nine tracks and the majority of them being dominated by Ferg’s sound, you don’t think you hear any diversity. But on the last two tracks “Ride” featuring Ty Dolla Sign and “Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies” featuring Brent Faiyaz and Salaam Remi, you hear Ferg talking sweet bed talk to the ladies. The features make each track 20 times better but I have to say Ferg held his own. You’ll never forget that these are his songs and people like Ty$, Brent Faiyaz & Salaam Remi are just featured on it.

Overall, I give ‘Floor Seats’  8 stars out of 10 stars.