Album Review: Morning After


Love is in the air thanks to the dropping of Dvsn’s second studio album ‘Morning After’. It was released on October 13, 2017 by OVO Sounds and Warner Bros Records.

If you’re in need of  some soft melodic chill vibes or are in need of something smooth to ride to after a hardship in your love life, then ‘Morning After’ is the type of album that you don’t want to overlook.

‘Morning After’ is a powerful yet mellow 13 track composition that takes you through love, wishful thinking and heartbreak. In songs like “Run Away” and “Nuh Time/ Tek Time” you’ll hear Daniel Daley’s tenor register exuding extreme passion and pain but when he opens up and transitions into his falsetto, you’ll hear that desirable plea and long for love in “Don’t Choose”, “Mood” and “Think About Me.

On the producing end, Nineteen85 equally meets Daley’s vocals and provides listeners with a mixture of grungy yet smooth pop and a dosage of Hip-Hop ecstasy throughout the entire album.

Within this album, Dvsn pays homage to the late and present R&B God’s before their time. In “P.O.V.” singer Maxwell’s “Fortunate” is sampled and on that track with the help of Nineteen85’s mixing, Daley is able to distinctly capture his point of view. The team throws in a few moments from Keith Sweat’s (ft. Athena Cage) “Nobody” in “Think About Me.” They also sample “Keep Calm”, Kirk Franklin’s “Something About the Name Jesus” and David Ruffin’s “Slow Dance”. In their last sampled song on the album “Body Smile,” they bless the tune with samples from the late great Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”.

This rich album isn’t for liberal thinkers. ‘Morning After’ challenges you to expand your horizons and draw your own thoughts from love life experiences being that it dabbles in so many aspects of a relationship.

Overall, this soulful first class album receives 10 stars out of 10 stars.