Album Review: Port of Miami 2


Miami rapper Rick Ross released his latest album ‘Port of Miami 2’ on August 9th. Arguably this is the most anticipated album of his career. He began talking about it in 2017 but due to his health scare he wasn’t able to put it together until this year. His health scare did nothing but motivate the rapper to make ‘Port of Miami 2’ one his best albums.

With the first ‘Port of Miami’  being released in 2006 with hits like “Hustlin'” and “Push It”, everyone had high expectations for ‘Port of Miami 2’. As the release date for the album grew closer Ross released “Act a Fool” which is the first song on the album. Unlike any of his music before, Ross is singing on the chorus of the song.

About two weeks later he released another song off of the album entitled “Big Tyme” featuring Swizz Beats. Surprisingly, Swizz Beats is on the song but he didn’t produce the beat. The song was actually produced by Just Blaze. After another week Ross dropped another gem entitled “Gold Roses” featuring Drake. There is no better duo in the rap game today than Drake and Ross. Before even listening to the song you know it’s going to be a hit. Ross and Drake have never failed their fans with any of the songs that they have released together.

Ross released another song entitled “Turnpike Ike” the week before the album dropped. I would describe Ross’ music as being luxurious. He makes you feel as if you’re a millionaire even though you’re not. Unlike many other rapper’s music nowadays he makes you feel his music. Throughout each song on the album he tells a very poignant story which makes the listener want to invest in the lyrics more and more.

After listening to ‘Port of Miami 2’ you can tell that Ross puts his heart and soul into the album. On the single “I Still Pray” Ross talks about his previous health problems and the people he lost throughout the years. Another song that stuck out to me was “Rich N***a Lifestyle” which features the late Nipsey Hussle. In the song Hussle dissed Tekashi 6ix9ine which has everyone going crazy. Ross hasn’t won a Grammy yet but I’m sure he will receive one for this album.

I give this album 10 stars out of 10 stars.