Album Review: Rather You Than Me


He did it again! On March 17, 2017 Rick Ross debuted his latest album entitled “Rather You Than Me. This album contains 14 songs which is less than what he usually has on an album. The quality of this album is like every other album that Ross produces. He leaves his fans amazed with the quality of work that was put into each track on the album.  Although his flow has never changed the instrumentals in each track of this album is special.

The entire feel of “Rather You Than Me” has a very slow and smooth beat that gives listeners a jazzy vibe especially with songs like ‘Santorini Greece’ and ‘Maybach Music V’. But not to disappoint his listeners Ross changes his style to the typical uptempo rap in songs like ‘Dead Presidents’ and ‘Powers That Be’. At the end of the album it switches back to the way it started giving the listener a variety of sounds. The album features Raphael Saadiq, Young Thug, Wale, Ty Dolla $ign, Nas, Meek Mill, Anthony Hamilton, Scrilla, Dej Loaf, Yo Gotti and Chris Rock. Ross is the first rapper to have a comedian featured on a album.

With the help of Analogic, Beat Billionaire, Beat Butcha, Bink, Black Metaphor, Buta Da Future, C Guta, Chad Nine, Granz Muzic, J Pilot, The Olympiks, Saps, Streetrunner, Tarik Azzouz and Young Coke, Ross was able to produce this album. His last album “Black Market” received many positive reviews from fans and music critics but after the release of “Rather You Than Me” it was made known that this album would be a classic.

The songs that will make this album unforgettable is ‘I Think She Like Me’ and ‘Idols Become Rivals’. The first track that was leaked on the album was ‘I Think She Like Me’ and it was also played in an MTV2 commercial. In ‘Idols Become Rivals’ Ross disses Birdman  and exposes the allegations between  Birdman, Lil Wayne and the Young Money Record label. Overall, Ross continues to mesmerize his fans with his talents by giving them what they expect from him which is good music. When listening to “Rather You Than Me” it’s as if he is painting pictures with his lyrics. “Rather You Than Me” receives 9 stars out of 10 stars.