Album Review: Slime & B


The music industry has presented its fans with many strange collaborations, from Run DMC & Aerosmith to Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus, but the link up of rap superstar, Young Thug and R&B heavy hitter, Chris Brown, definitely takes the cake. Back in 2020, the duo linked up on the mixtape, ‘Slime and B.’ While this mixtape seemed like it could’ve been a musical match made in heaven, it proved to be the opposite.

Let me began this review by saying the idea of Breezy and Thug collaborating definitely seemed unappealing to me, but after hearing the chart topping single “Go Crazy” I decided why not give this unusual pair a chance. I mean I’m sure we all can agree the track is definitely a banger. Unfortunately, for Brown and Thugger, it’s the only hard hitting song on the entire project.

Don’t get me wrong, ‘Slime and B’ have some mediocre highs with tracks such as “Say You Love Me”, “City Girls”, and the obvious “Go Crazy” but overall the 13 tracks left me unfulfilled. The tape is basic and shows that CB’s style does not mesh well with Thug’s. The two are like oil and water which doesn’t mix.

Overall, ‘Slime and B,’ was an unnecessary combo project that the music world could have done without. As a fan of both artists, I held this album to a certain expectation and was very disappointed by its outcome. While the project wasn’t “trash” per se, it lacked that star power that I expected it to possess.