Album Review: The Ride Out EP


Malachiae Warren

Album: The Ride Out EP

Release Date: July 2015

     In his sophomore mixtape release, Malachiae Warren further showcases his strong vocals. Unfortunately, apart from his smooth voice and mesmerizing beats the EP is not all that impressive. The EP features eight tracks, including the popular song “Thank Yo Momma” featuring Tk-n-Cash and an intro lasting less than a minute. The songs are at most catchy, but they scream amateur and “been there, done that.”

     “Ride Out” featuring Skooly is a tad degrading to women who openly discuss their sexuality, but ironically is by far one of the best tracks on the production due to its beat. The background vocals bring life to the track adding to Malachiae’s soulful voice. The song presents itself as a lowkey dance track. Skooly’s bars in this song are below average, but are still able to add to the vibe of the song.

     Track 4, “T.Y.B” which stands for Taking Your B****, while laying a fantastic, memorable beat down, is trying too hard to be like other songs on the radio. The song lacks lyricism and real sense. Malachiae attempts to boast his popularity and fails in this instance. Also the voices in the background are annoying and unnecessary for this track.

     “Another Hit” is a good upbeat song that explains Malachiae’s need to have more sexual endeavors, but the message of the song is so cliché. The only thing not overdone on this track is the fact that it is a fast paced sex song.

     Malachiae Warren is a very talented artist, but this EP was a miss. Only four out of eight of the songs are worth downloading. For his next album, Malachiae should release more meaningful original songs. “Ride Out” receives 5.5 out of 10 stars.