Alcorn Hosts 15th Annual Health and Wellness Fair


On Wednesday, April 8, 2015, Alcorn State University hosted its 15th annual Health and Wellness Fair. This event was held in the James L. Bolden Campus Union Ballroom. Many faculty, staff, and students were in attendance.

Every year the students and staff of Alcorn State University have the opportunity to attend the Health and Wellness Fair free of charge. The event is accompanied by many different vendors from the surrounding areas. In attendance were E.A.S.T. (Educational Asthma Support Team), Walgreens, Mississippi Home Care, ASU H.E.R.O.S. (Health Educators Reaching Other Students), and many others. The vendors distributed contraceptives, brochures, and gave tips on different health issues.

Marlanda Grandberry, a junior from Brown Deer, Wisconsin said, “The Health Fair is beneficial because people and organizations from nearby areas come and educate others on what they offer.” Grandberry is a member of ASU HEROS.

Many students find the Health and Wellness Fair beneficial because they are able to gain knowledge about things they may or may not already know. During this event is when many people decide they want to begin a healthy lifestyle. The organizations also teaches the students ways to take care of people in their families if they have certain illnesses or health issues.

DeShayla Vassell, a freshman from West Palm Beach, Florida who was in attendance said, “I always attend the Health Fair because I have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and what better place is there to learn new things.”

Alcorn State University will continue to host this event annually in hopes that someone will receive knowledge they they have been seeking. It is open to the public so that everyone can be educated. The event is held to show that Alcorn cares about the health and wellness of its students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities.