Alcorn Hosts 16th Annual Health and Wellness Fair


On Wednesday, April 13, 2016 Alcorn State University held its 16th Annual Health and Wellness Fair from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at the James L. Bolden Campus Union on the Lorman Campus.

The Health and Wellness Fair gives students a chance to meet with different employers from different companies to learn more about health.  Students come into the Fair to receive tips on how to stay healthy and how to notice different signs as to when they are not. The Health Fair also helps students to learn healthy eating habits and shows them how to avoid different illnesses by participating in physical training. Companies such as the Mississippi Health Department, United Health Care and Mississippi Home Care were present to promote their message of proper health care.

Raven Pitchford, a graduating Senior at Alcorn, thinks that the Health Fair is a much needed event. “I had a wonderful time today. I’ve spoken with a few representatives from several companies and I may major in Health Science once I enter graduate school to pursue a Masters,”  Pitchford said. She divulged how she had attended every Health Fair that was hosted at Alcorn and how much knowledge that she was able to grasp and invoke into her everyday activities.

Angelus Griffin, a representative for Mississippi Home Care Company, explained how the company is looking for several recent college graduates for job openings. “I am so glad to have this opportunity to come and speak to the students about what our company is all about. Mississippi Home Care seeks to recruit qualified individuals to learn the importance of health and caring for other people at home. Our mission is to continue to care for other people that are in need,” stated Griffin.

For more information about Alcorn’s Health Fair contact Casaundra Thompson at (601) 877-6507 or