Alcorn’s SGA Attends Training Seminar


On Saturday, August 29, 2015, Alcorn’s Student Government Association had leadership training. The training was held in the Gold Room of the Dr. Clinton Bristow Dining Facility on the campus of Alcorn State University.

The Student Government Association of Alcorn State University is led by SGA President, Adrian McLain, and Miss Alcorn, Amber King. The prestigious group is advised by Ms. Devina Hogan and co-advised by Mrs. Shirley Tinner. The advisors hosted a weekend retreat for the student leaders. During the retreat, the students had the honor to be inspired by Mrs. Annette Burgess of Total Belle, a non profit organization. Mrs. Burgess is a self-employed leadership trainer. “I took a risk at leaving my job to start my own business, travel, and inspire students across the world because this is what I have a passion for doing,” said Mrs. Burgess. She travels across the United States to different schools speaking to student leaders and teaching royal courts different etiquette. At this particular retreat the students learned team building skills and how to build solid foundations to better serve Alcorn State University and the community.

The retreat began with breakfast on Saturday morning which was catered by Sodexo. The students then started the training with an icebreaking assignment. Many times throughout the training, the students were required to work with their peers to show how this academic year will be along with having leadership positions. The student leaders were also faced with examples of different hardships and had to prove themselves as a leader and show how they will positively escape from tough situations. Before lunch, each student had to face everyone inside the Gold Room and tell their weaknesses and vow that before the academic year ended, they will no longer have that weakness. After lunch, the students had a break to prepare for the remainder of the evening.

Later for dinner, the students were taken to South 10, a rooftop restaurant located in Vicksburg, Mississipi. The meals were paid in full for each student, courtesy of Alcorn State University. The students then traveled to Jackson, Mississippi for salsa dancing lessons and then to a salsa festivity.   Ms. Hogan stated, “Today’s retreat was about bonding and developing as better leaders.” The student leaders are excited about being the face of their University and are all ready to accept any challenge placed before them.