Alumni Speak to Students in new series event entitled “Where Are They Now?”


The Department of Educational Equity Inclusion and Diversity hosted the event “Where Are They Now? Conversation with an Alcornite” on Thursday, February 11th via Zoom.

The purpose of the newfound series is to build relationships between students and alumni of Alcorn State University (ASU). The guest speakers for the inaugural event were Duvalier J. Malone and Larry J. Goodin.

Malone is an ’08 graduate of Alcorn State and is an author, political columnist, motivational speaker and community activist. He is currently located in Washington, DC where he is making strides in the political world on Capitol Hill. Goodin is an ’05 graduate of Alcorn State and is located in New York City where he is a professor and mentor. Goodin is a certified life and leadership coach and is the founder of the RL Mentoring Group.

During the event, Malone and Goodin offered advice to students by answering questions given to them by the Director of the Department of Educational Equity Inclusion and Diversity, Lljuna Weir. The alumni advised students to get involved on campus by joining different organizations. They also advised students to be a good neighbor to other students and build relationships with people because the professional world is all about relationships. Malone and Goodin, who are from Fayette and Natchez respectfully, encouraged students to dream big no matter where they come from because alumni of Alcorn have shown it to be possible. “We have successful assets all around the world who wear that purple and gold,” Goodin stated.

While speaking at the event, Malone and Goodin also informed students about what employers are looking for when hiring post grad students. They advised students to gain as much experience in their field as possible by doing internships. Goodin informed students to hone in on their writing skills and have a working resume because it can help them get a job.

In closing the event, Malone and Goodin encouraged students to stay resilient in what they want to do because with resilience they can accomplish anything. “Ignore the negative noise and continue to do the work that God has called you to do,” Malone said. The “Where Are They Now? Conversation with an Alcornite” will continue for the months of February and March with many more alumni coming to speak to students. “I think that having alumni come back to talk to students will be very beneficial and that is why we made this event possible,” Director Weir stated.

Duvalier J. Malone
Larry J. Goodwin