Autumn’s Inspiration


Bye bye Summer, hello Fall. It’s time to leave all of your Summer hairstyles and welcome Fall hair trends. Yes ladies, I’m talking about everything from short and sassy all the way to big and curly. From your darkest darks to your most pure burgundies. Fall 2017 is the season to step completely out of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to feel inspired by these Autumn hairstyle ideas that I’m going to share with you.

1) One of my personal favorites would be this big curly hair. It has all the volume and sassiness to take over the Fall. Let’s not forget to mention the color. You could never go wrong with a burgundy in the Fall.

2) How could you say “NO” to these big bold Faux locs? Right, you can’t, because they’re too beautiful. Do you want to stay away from weaves, heat or your natural hair? Well, this one is for you. These large locs will give you an edgy look without the upkeep of the real thing.

3) Reds, oranges and yellows all scream Autumn right? Well correct me if I’m wrong but this honey blonde/cooper blunt bob is giving me life without parole. It’s a fun and sexy hairstyle that I’m sure you won’t mind the Fall wind blowing effortlessly through while remaining flawless.

4) My last inspiration for you ladies would be this long astonishing burgundy weave. It’s long so one thing we know for sure is that you’ll be slaying and your neck will not catch the breeze. This style would look amazing with any Fall colors.

Now that I’ve shown you what hairstyles are going to be hot in the Fall choose one and be FABULOUS!