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Called to Duty

Oniyah Robinson, born to her parents, Oliver Robinson and Brittany Wilson, is a 19-year-old Sophomore, Biology Health Science major at Alcorn State University (ASU).

Raised in Greenville, Mississippi, Robinson chose to become a Biology Health Science major because she’s always longed to help people. She attended to her late grandmother while she was sick which only grew her passion to help people and pursue a future career in Health Science. Some of the major influences in her life are the women within her family. She is surrounded by very strong, smart, and independent women. “Being able to grow up in an environment surrounded by those types of traits played a major role in the woman that I’m becoming,” stated by Robinson.

Robinson is a member of several organizations on ASU’s campus such as Girl’s Coalition, The Coalition of Women of Color in STEM (COWIS), Biology Club, Brave Ambassador, and The National Society for Black Women in Medicine. In the Spring of 2022, she decided to add something new to her belt. She decided to run for Miss Sophomore. “I decided to run for Miss Sophomore because I am a leader at heart. I wanted to be a vessel for the student body so not only would they see me leading but they would want me to lead as well,” stated Robinson.

While running for Miss Sophomore, she ran off of the platform entitled ‘ACTION’. The acronym stands for Activating Change Through Innovative Organizational Network. She was successful in her pursuit of becoming Miss Sophomore. After being elected, her main focus was student engagement. She has accomplished that through her many events, panels, and community service activities. Robinson stated, “My most successful event was my vision board party. I was able to see the student body engaging with me and each other.”

After graduating from Alcorn, Robinson plans to get her Masters in Biochemistry and work in a research lab studying women’s health or specific cancers.

Marissa Smith
Marissa Smith
Marissa Smith is a Junior Mass Communications major from Monticello, Mississippi. She will be a contributor to The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 academic year.


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