Dark Love

I was down for you until you up and left

I was right

You had me around and out when you didn’t come back that night

I felt like a lost and found,

and when I found you then to anger turned my fright 

But I’ve found myself so I guess you’ve lost that fight

Say it, sing it, bring it

Let me hear it 

I know they’re just lies

Say it, sing it, bring it

I won’t be hypnotized

For that, I won’t apologize 

Say it, sing it, bring it

I know how this goes

I can see right through your eyes 

I’m aware of your lies

They should be televised

Turn it up, louder

Louder, louder than my cries

Larissa Chillous
Larissa Chillous
Larisssa Chillous is a Junior Mass Communications major from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 academic school year.


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