Dear Ebi: The Advice Column (November 15, 2018)


Dear Ebi,

We went to the same high school, but you were two years ahead of me. You never knew this, but I really admired you. Your natural beauty inspires me everyday, mainly because you don’t flaunt it or boast about it. Now that I’ve said that, I’ll begin with the reason that I’m writing you. Recently I was at a small party at a mutual friend’s home in our city. A young man (who I’ll call Ron) began to flirt with me extremely hard. I will admit that I was somewhat intrigued with his advances. The only thing is that the young man who was flirting with me is my boyfriend of two year’s best friend. Ron told me that he’s been watching me from afar and he’s always wanted to approach me but out of respect for my boyfriend he didn’t. He asked me to keep this little encounter between the two of us. I must admit things between my boyfriend and I haven’t exactly been stellar lately and I still love him but I do like the attention that I’m getting from Ron. Ebi what’s a girl to do? Should I stay with my boyfriend of two years and attempt to make things work or should I give Ron a chance and see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?

Your Follower



Hello there,

First off, I can’t even tell you how thankful I am for you because I try to set an example at all times and to hear from you that it’s been beneficial warms my heart. Young lady you are in quite the predicament. On the one hand, you’re in a relationship that’s somewhat tumultuous. You have to be extremely honest with yourself and ask the question, “Is this relationship worth saving?” I know you’re going through a rough patch right now with your boyfriend but overall how does he treat you. Is he respectful at all times? Is he loving? Is he caring? If you don’t believe that he is then maybe, just maybe, it may be time for you two to go your separate ways. While on the other hand, you have Ron. Ron (from your description) has been waiting and lurking in the shadows for an opportunity to approach you when, in his estimation, you are vulnerable. Be very cautious of Ron. He’s supposed to be your boyfriend’s best friend and trust me, with him approaching you in that manner, it is the ultimate sign of disrespect. You should reevaluate your relationship with your boyfriend and see if it is worth salvaging and just leave Ron alone altogether because if you were to leave your boyfriend and begin a relationship with Ron it could get extremely tense between the two. Good luck in this.