Dear Ebi: The Advice Column (October 1, 2018)


Hey Ebi,

I’m in charge of an organization here on Alcorn’s campus and some of the members haven’t been participating up to standard. We’ve had numerous meetings and discussions about expectations and what’s required of them, yet they still choose to do otherwise. I think that the people in charge last year didn’t take their jobs serious enough which is why some may feel like what they’re doing now and what they’re not doing is fine when in reality, it’s not. How should I handle this situation?
Hey W,
It takes a lot to be over any organization, and that can take a lot out of someone so that’s an accomplishment within itself. If you see problems that unfortunately got implemented before you were in a leadership position, change them. You have the power to do that now and to give positive reinforcement to the other members. Show them the right way to go about things. Make sure you’re not the one picking up other’s slack, but showing them how to take responsibility. I hope everything works out.