#Dear20Something Hosts The Perfect Plan


The Department of Residence Life sponsored The Perfect Plan hosted by #Dear20Something. The Perfect Plan was held Tuesday, February 26th, at 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm in the Complex D Multipurpose Room.

The panel consisted of founder, Amber Jones and former Alcorn State University (ASU) graduates, Jonathan Collins, Kendreka Pipes, and James Wright. The purpose of the panel was to inform any ASU students about how life can sometimes hinder or alter your goals and plans. To make certain the audience members remained alert during the duration of the panel discussion snacks and juice were provided for them.

#Dear20Something was created to motivate 20-somethings near and far. Through panel discussions such as The Perfect Plan, Amber Jones’ goal is to share her life journey and experience with others through honest and thought provoking conversation. Jones stated, “Our 20’s are one of the most difficult eras of our lives to navigate. We think that we should be so far in such a limited amount of time. Truth is, we are all figuring it out as we go along.”

The Perfect Plan seminar emphasized how it is sometimes impossible to create the perfect plan but rather live and appreciate each moment.  Collins explained how you must find your purpose while experiencing life. He stated, “I had to go through some really tough times. Every day the enemy tries to come and attack me on my job. So, I know there’s a purpose for me somewhere. I didn’t go to Alcorn to become a school teacher, but I’m not living my life for me, per say. I’m living my life for others because ultimately I know this is what God would have me to do.”

This was a successful and engaging event that allowed college students to realize that all things can’t be perfect without making mistakes, becoming uncomfortable in life, and being available to do God’s will. The panel also encouraged students to stop worrying about how things will unfold and apply the skills and knowledge that they have to go after each goal that they set for themselves.

For more information about #Dear20Something, contact Amber Jones by email at amberjewelj@gmail.com or (601) 291-1228.