The Different Types of Human Hair


Human hair extensions are worn all over the world in high demand by women of all races. The latest trends, which includes extensions, are growing more everyday, not only in Hollywood but by women everywhere. Many women assume that all real human hair extensions are the same. However, they are totally different and women should know exactly what they are installing in their head.

Virgin Hair, which more people are beginning to use, is chemically unprocessed human hair. You can get this hair by contacting donors who collect it or purchase it in bundles.

Remy Hair is completely different. This is the hair that you may find in your local hair stores and they come packaged rather than in bundles. Remy Hair is human hair that has been chemically processed to alter the color or texture of the hair.

People that are familiar with extensions are more aware that Virgin Hair is precious and should be treated as if it were your own hair. Virgin Hair, depending on the quality, can be used for years if treated with proper care. 100% Virgin Hair is totally worth the investment.

Remy Hair is the most popular human hair extensions on the market depending on the brand, quality and price of it. This hair blends well with most people’s natural hair and can last up to a year with proper care.

When purchasing hair extensions ladies, you should always do your research. It’s important to know the difference and quality of the hair you are buying and installing in your head. Remy Hair is chemically processed human hair. With careful processing procedures Remy Hair is totally safe. However, sometimes you may encounter low quality hair. One way to know if your Remy Hair is real is by the appearance of the cuticles. They should be intact and aligned. Hair is thick from the roots to the tips and tangling should be at a minimum.

Ladies I would advise you all to do as much research as you can on 100% human hair so you can avoid things like Remy Hair mixed with Synthetic Hair.