Do you see to believe or believe to see? (March 15, 2021)


Steffon Savage



Port Gibson, Mississippi

Pre-Physical Therapy

I see to believe. I’m not the type of peron who will believe anything that I hear, therefore, I’d rather see the proof of something before I take someone’s word for it.

Brenn Ursin



Paulina, Louisiana

Biology Pre-Physical Therapy

I believe to see because in order for me to believe a person, I need to see proof of what they are saying.

Keith Smith



Memphis, Tennessee

Computer Science

I see to believe. Personally, I just can’t have faith in something without proof. For example, if I’m buying clothes online I need proof from reviews that people have received their orders before I finalize my purchase. There’s just an air of uncertainty that comes with believing to see that leaves me uncomfortable.

Annie Cherry



Monroe, Louisiana

Computer Science

I would say one is stronger than the other. For example, see to believe, i just can’t trust what someone tells or explains to me. If I can’t see it with my own two eyes then I won’t believe anything that may have been told to me. As far as believe to see, it goes like this. I can believe in something or someone from what I might read from their energy until I see reality and assumption together.

Braxton Spells



Terry, Mississippi

Biology Pre-Physical Theraphy

See to believe. I need to see it to believe it.