French Fry


You wouldn’t think that a French Fry could tell of one’s affection

but when it comes to sharing keep your eyes on your fries

and hold on to your devotion.


Sharing anything is difficult enough,

be it food, space, thought or emotion,

yet every salty, crispy, savored bite of fries

arouses your palate’s commotion.


So suppose you find that you must share your fries

unselfishly with another fry lover.

Do you evenly count or not care about

the number you have versus the other.

Now down to the last and bottom of the bag,

giving up fries becomes an endearing question of

selflessness and sacrifice or even a show of adoration.


A fry for you, a fry for me, to keep all things fair.

Do I hold the box and give you a few to show who’s control is there?

Do you hold the box and let me pick some out?

And so you wonder what’s this French Fry story really about?


You would think this is a tale of fries or even a man and a woman who are lovers

but truly this gesture recants the events of a daughter and a selfless mother.