Get Out Girl: A Plea to Women in Abusive Relationships


Got misogyny around you, but he’s 6 feet tall.

They tell you to look past it,  

he’s going pro in football.

People put you on a pedestal just to watch you fall.

Look around the room, they despise you all.


You need an open ear because

the evidence is clear.


Weight slipping away

but he take you out on dates.


Stop lying to yourself,

we all know your fate.

Text message coming in saying, “I miss you bae.”


But last night yall had a fight.

Now look at your face.


You accept the disrespect.

The root? The internal hate?


Cake makeup on the scars

just to get through the day.


Look in the mirror,

there is no debate.


You’re in a sunken place.


“Get out” before the key is taken away.