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How have College Students been affected by the Mercury Retrograde

Now that the Mercury Retrograde has finally come to an end. Energy is back to normal. For most students, the entire month of September and October have been affected by the Mercury Retrograde which may have caused us to lose focus on what is really important, which is our school work. Due to our energy imbalances, students have become stressed, depressed, lazy and melancholy.  Mercury rules all forms of communication, logical thinking, signals, travel, and connections of all kinds. The success of business partnerships, creative projects, friendships, and romances are dependent upon effective communication. Therefore, when a retrograde happens that means that things move backwards which causes energies and communication signals to be opposite. For those who have been negatively affected by the Mercury Retrograde, hopefully these tips can help you stay positive.  

  • Focus on Good Things

Focusing on good things can allow you to be motivated. Focusing on positivity can allow you to be productive rather than being lazy and drained of energy. Being productive allows you to get all tasks done, such as a homework assignments or even going to class.

  • Speak Positive Affirmations

It is important to speak positive affirmations about yourself before starting your day. Speaking positively and sharing some light before beginning your day is highly important. Affirmations bring motivation and this can bring positive energy. 

  • Keep a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journaling allows you to find and realize things that you are grateful for and what brings you peace. When journaling, your main focus will consist of the things that make you happy and bring you peace. This will allow you to appreciate the time and energy that you have which can result in a positive day.

Hopefully these tips will help and encourage you. Being a college student can be stressful. At times, you will be drained and depressed. It is important to always try to keep and stay around positive energy at all times in order to continue and get through your day full of energy and happiness.

Kyla Washington
Kyla Washington
Kyla Washington is a Senior from Chicago, Illinois majoring in Mass Communications/Broadcasting. She will be a contributor to The Campus Chronicle for the 2021-2022 school year.


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