How not to be a Social Pariah on Campus


Do you have a difficult time making friends? Are you at a new school and aren’t quite sure how to fit in? As a Freshman or transfer student on campus it can always be very difficult to find a crowd that you belong in. It takes time for new friendships to blossom. However, as they are blossoming, do not become a social pariah on campus waiting for the friendships to happen. Social pariahs are those people who are isolated and outcast by others. Here are just a few tips on how not to become a social pariah.

  1. Take It One Step at A Time – Start off by making just one friend then move on to try and make more.
  2. Do Not Stick to One Type – When finding friends, diversify your options to more than one type of person.
  3. Uphold A Good Reputation – People are always watching so always uphold yourself so people would be willing to be your friend.
  4. Put Yourself Out There- While on campus, join as many organizations and go to as many events as you can because friends can always be found there.
  5. Always Remain Confident in Yourself- No matter how many friends you make or don’t make always have high self-esteem.

Remember that no matter who you are there is always somebody that you can vibe with. At the end of the day, just be nice, polite and have a good reputation and the friends will come.