Impact Does “Random Acts of Kindness”


On Monday, February 20th, the Impact Community Service Organization participated in a “Random Acts of Kindness” project. The group visited the Claiborne County Nursing Center in Port Gibson, Mississippi. While visiting the residents, they passed out positive bags which consisted of a positive message, a pack of crackers and juice. As they passed out the bags, the occupants thanked them while engaging with the students on what their organization is all about. As a result, the residents gained more insight into the organization and the students.

Tytiana Smith, a Senior from Fayette, Mississippi and founder of Impact, stated, “The purpose of the visit was to give the nursing home residents something to smile about. Seeing them smile was a very rewarding experience.” Smith went on to say, “A nice visit and activities are important because an active social life helps improve a resident’s mental health.”

Members who participated in the “Random Acts of Kindness” venture were Karlie Johnson, Jazmin Green, Ryia Steps, Makilah Johhnson, Mieyah Garrett, Marcasia Jones, Ty’Rah Ray, Kennedi Bowman, and Tytiana Smith.

Karlie Johnson, a Junior from Baton Rouge, Louisiana stated, “It makes me feel good knowing I’ve made someone’s day. You never know what the residents are going through or how they are feeling but I was able to experience many smiles today. It truly warmed my heart.”

Visiting the nursing home was an eventful experience. For some people, visiting a nursing home can be stressful because they think that they won’t know what to say or that they’ll run out of things to do but visits can provide wonderful opportunities for bonding, connecting, and learning from one another.

To keep in contact with Impact you can follow them on Instagram @alcorn.impact.cso or Twitter @Impact_CSO.