Is chivalry dead in this day and age? Explain.


Jni Piper-Murles


Business Administration

Graduate Student

Columbia, South Carolina

I do not believe that chivalry is dead. I believe that as a woman you have to make a man respect you and treat you how you desire to be treated. There are lots of great men who are willing to treat a woman like a queen. Another point is you have to put God at the center of your relationship and be with someone who loves you like God loves you. In my current relationship the young man always opens my doors, brings me flowers and is a perfect gentleman and I think that having God in our relationship plays a key role. Remember what you give off and how you carry yourself is what you will get back.

Sofia Ievleva




Voronezh, Russia

It’s not dead but it is definitely dying. I believe this is due to feminism that does not allow men be chivalrous. We, as women, became too powerful and began over-running men thus breaking the balance we worked so hard to achieve.

Briana Mabry




Canton, Mississippi

Yes, most young men have lost respect for women because of their influences from society such as their favorite rappers. They try too hard to fit in with others rather than having the common courtesy they probably were raised with.


Theophilus Brex




The Republic of Ghana

It is not quite dead but it is very rare. This is because of how the world is moving at a faster pace. Personally, I think people are getting selfish and they do not want to be in a position where they  want to help people out but end up being hurt.


Kaleb Brown


Criminal Justice


Canton, Mississippi

In my opinion it is because we don’t see too many gentleman of this generation holding doors open or pumping gas for women.