Is Having a College Degree Important?


Our parents tell us to go to college, get a degree and be something in life but there are a lot of people who have a degree and are not doing anything with it or people will not hire anyone with what their degree is in. They’ve wasted their parent’s money, the government’s money and blew away scholarships. So, is having a college degree important?

Having a college degree attracts employers. To have a college degree, you’ll get the benefit of getting a well-paying job and have many opportunities to come your way. I agree with this because if you are determined and have a strong mind, you’ll make your degree useful. Then again, you see other people who have no college degree or education, and they’re getting paid a good amount of money while you’re struggling in college trying to get a degree to be on that level.

Having a college degree increases your thinking, writing, communication and creative abilities. When you have a degree, it shows that you put your dedication and time into it and shows that you finished what you started. Employers tend to rely on individuals who have college degrees because they know that it takes hard work to get that degree.

Some people are discouraged to go to college because either they didn’t have anyone to push them to be successful or they didn’t have the money. It takes a lot of preparation and mental stability into getting a college degree. It isn’t easy, managing your time is the utmost important thing. You have to make adult decisions all the time. It is important to have a friend or mentor to talk to every now and then so they’ll push, encourage and help you throughout this journey.

Going to college is a step into adulthood. You’re getting a taste of what it’s like to be on your own. Yes, your parents may help you and pay for college but you’re responsibility is to go to class, do your work and maintain a decent grade point average.

If you’re a procrastinator and lazy, you will grow out of that once you get into college. There are a lot of assignments and tests you will have to do. They prepare you for the upcoming jobs you will encounter. With my field, Mass Communications, I will have a lot of writing to do. Being in college, that’s all I have been doing. College is important especially if you’re dedicated and have a goal in life. A lot of people go to college and don’t do anything with the knowledge.  They have a degree and won’t ever use it. Don’t be like those people, either go to college and be successful or don’t go if you feel like college isn’t for you.