Is Incest Related to Race?


Sadly,  children in the African American community don’t have to be at a park on the wrong side of town to be stalked by sexual deviants. Nor do they have to have an encounter with a coach to experience sexual abuse. This inhumane and unorthodox abuse, although hidden, is very active in the black community. No matter if you live behind a white picket fence or the ghetto, this type of crime goes the most unseen in the black community as a cover up compared to any other crime. Incest is any sexual contact, covert or overt, between a child and a trusted individual that damages the child, whether these contacts included suggestive remarks, pornography, fondling or acts of sexual aggression or torture. History says  that there were early reports of incest in the past.  Alexander the Great was known to use these acts  to keep his bloodline alive.

African American women are 1.75 times more likely to experience childhood sexual abuse than white women. Honestly, I don’t understand how someone could actually commit such a crime as this but then again from personal experience maybe I could. After reaching the age of nine-years-old I myself was abused by one of my male cousins. At first I too was afraid to say something but   what scared me the most is there was a possibility that it would happen again. Some long term effects to abuse such as this includes alcoholism, drug addiction, self-injury, prostitution, promiscuity, sexual disfunction and suicide. For a long time I experienced extreme nightmares back and forth from the incident and that has continued to college even after counseling.

The act of incest is illegal and prohibits any marraige , sexual relations or anything of that sort. Personally, I feel as though it should be illgeal. There’s a list of statistics and evidence that show the dangers or possible risks when there is an outcome from these acts. Those who have concentual sexual intercourse and there is a fetus produced afterward usually puts the child at risk for serious birth defects.

 It isn’t always the creeping neighbor who waves every time you pass his window or the teacher who everyone said is just way to friendly. Sometimes its cousin Shaun who used to baby sit you as young child  or Uncle Randy who practically raised you .  No matter the relation this is an issue that is one of the biggest kept secrets in the black community. Due to such secretive acts you have victims who feel as if there’s no way out and walk around struggling everyday. If you ask me incest isn’t related to race because it happens in every race but its just more hidden in the black community.