It’s That Time of the Year Already?


2018 seems to be going by so fast, and the temperature is dropping rapidly. People have been asking for cold weather since the school year began, yet there are still some complaints. Can the anticipated season be considered a good season? Yes? No? Maybe? So far only the bad things about it get pointed out as it nears. This is probably because we never know exactly when we will start getting freezing weather. In case you don’t know, the Fall/Winter seasons change almost everything.

People, mostly at a younger age, can provide a list of why they can’t wait for the Fall and Winter seasons to begin. But sometimes anticipating something exciting can usually be different than what you expected. For instance, it can be colder than what you wanted it to be or  your outfits for Fall/Winter may not fit you as well as you thought they would. But can’t you agree that this time of the year has the best holidays? There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is right around the corner.

Well here are some examples of the good and bad of the upcoming seasons.

How to Make the Best of the Fall/Winter Seasons:

  1. Enjoy football season.
  2. Go camping.
  3. Go to a haunted house.
  4. Drink a customized hot tea or cocoa.
  5. Relax around a fireplace, campfire or bonfire.
  6. Watch scary movies.
  7. Play in the snow.
  8. Watch the resurfacing Christmas movies.

What’s so Bad About the Freezing Weather?

  1. You can gain illnesses such as a cold, flu, frostbite or sore throat.
  2. It affects your car.
  3. Your heating bill can rise rapidly.
  4. You could experience a blizzard.
  5. You develop severely chapped lips.

So regardless of what type of seasons we may have just make the most out of it.