Live Love Laugh (Lx3)

Live, Love, Laugh.
A Life we live,
With so many problems, 
Who do we run too? 
Who can solve em?
Live, Love, Laugh.
They say go have fun,
But learn,
Learn so that one day you can earn.
But who said the road would be like this?
Whose to say these problems must exist?
Live-To remain alive, to continue to have life, 
But how can this be if we're taking each other's lives. 
How do we remain alive? 
Do we go to college & get a degree, 
Or do we follow the trend,
Or can I just work on me? 
Love-An intense feeling of affection,
One of the most profound emotions for human beings. 
Is love a profound emotion?
Do we love each other the way we should? Can we tell when one's intentions are good?
Laugh- A source of fun, amusement, or derision. 
Do we laugh because it makes us feel better,
Or someone else worse?
So as time revealed the answer to our questions 
We realized that they were just testing us.
So in order to laugh, 
You love,
In order to love,
You live,