My Hair History Story


So being that it’s the end of the semester, I’ve decided to open up to my readers and tell them about MY HAIR HISTORY STORY. This semester my hair has been on a roller coaster ride. Before I could get the feel of one style good I would be taking it out and trying something completely different. I’d go from having long straight weave to having Goddess Locs. Then I’d have long braids before transforming them into a curly puff. For me, switching hairstyles is like getting a different personality piece. You know with your long weave you might be feeling more sassy but with your short hair you might feel more sophisticated. What’s more important is that you own the hairstyle that you’re rocking.

Below are a few pictures of my hairstyles from this semester. I’m going to explain them and show how I would make the styles diverse. I hope you ladies enjoy these styles and hopefully find something you like.


From braids to big curly hair. Crochets are the way. You want something easy, cute and fun. This style is for you. But guess what? It only takes an hour and a half to get these curls and you can be popping for the next month or so.


Girls love inches. Straight hair middle part, that’s all me. Let me know when was the last time that you guys saw a closure laid this good. I could wear this sew-in straight, curled or pulled back into a ponytail. This was actually my birthday hairstyle. This style can easily be done with three or four bundles and a closure slayed to PERFECTION!


Get the look without the commitment. Another style that I love and honestly I can’t wait to try again is GODDESS LOCS. This style is so beautiful but there’s a twist. It’s basically two styles in one. First the hair is braided and then you wrap hair around the braid. Yeah, it’s a pretty long process. They were very flexible for styling and surprisingly not heavy. Pull them up, pin them to the side or wear them down, either way you’re going to SLAY!



YES FOR THE BRAIDS! I cannot explain how much I loved these braids. They were pretty long but who said that you couldn’t have inches with braids. With these braids I tried a different color combination. I used a honey blonde, red brown and dark burgundy braid hair Xpressin. I love that braids are so convenient. Get up, shower, do my make-up and leave for class because my hair is already done.


Last style of the semester is this middle part unit wig with a closure. It’s not too long, not too short. Honestly, I’m loving this wig. It’s so easy because I don’t have to try to sit in my head for hours trying to put a sew-in in my hair. Plus it looks so natural. How could we not all just throw one on?

I really hope you guys enjoyed MY HAIR HISTORY STORY. Maybe you saw something you want to try. I say, “Go for it. We all need personality pieces.”