Perfection, the closest thing to never that’s been created yet.
We strive to wonder why can’t we be perfect yet.
Is my hair not long enough, my curves not deep enough?
Do I not display the foolery of society because I am who I am, the simple way that God made me?

You want this guy to have it all.
The lavish life, fancy cars, the 401 K, and a butler to cook it all.
But is his heart not big enough? Honda Civic whipping, minimum wage pimping, but up here, where it counts (points to brain) he has it all.

We look for perfection like it’s not completely invisible.
We live in a world where I must be this tall to ride the ride and this wide just for a guy to pull me to the side.

I wonder what my son will think? Can I make mistakes and not be blamed? Or do I have to do what was done before me just so I can blend in. Do I bow down to the other color because they don’t think I know where I come from? Or do I stand up because life as I know it really lies on my own back.

Something I’m not cut out to be.
You are not either, but it’s something you’ll never see.
Thanks to society, they have you living this dream of something you’ll never be.