Picking the Correct Foundation for You


Do you ever feel like your foundation has you looking too oily or too dry? At the end of the day do you find yourself looking in the mirror wondering what happened to your make up? Picking the right foundation can be harder than just going in the store and matching up the correct colors. Skin can fit under a few descriptions: acne-prone skin, aging skin, dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin. Your foundation should benefit whatever type of skin you have.

If your skin is acne prone full coverage foundation would be the best choice for you. The full coverage of the foundation will help to eliminate the appearance of bumps and acne scars. Some examples of full coverage foundations are Urban Decay Liquid All Nighter Liquid Foundation, Mac full coverage pressed powder or Liquid Mineral Foundation. People who have oily skin might want to take precautions with keeping their skin clean by cleaning their brushing regularly. A buildup of product can irritate the skin and cause more outbreaks.

Older people that have aging skin should use a foundation that is more light weight. Aging skin often has many wrinkles or stops where the makeup does not want to settle. Using a heavy product on oily skin can cause the skin to look cakey because you would be using the product multiple times to cover cracks. A good choice of foundation would be Lancome Taint Visionaries Skin Correcting Makeup Duo.

People with dry skin should use a lightweight, hydrating foundation. Using a foundation that is matte will only make the skin look and feel dryer than it actually is. Hydrating foundations are made with special oils that help the skin from over drying.  A good foundation to use for dry skin would be Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup and Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy and Smooth Foundation.

Oily skin is often the most complicated to work with. Throughout the day you might find that your face begins to look very shiny. Choosing a medium to full coverage foundation would be the best pick. When applying this foundation you should always be sure to use a brush or sponge because excess oil can be transferred from the hands onto your face. Using matte foundations can also help you from being oily because they matte your skin. A good foundation to use for oily skin is Too Faced Amazing Face Oil Free Foundation and L’Oréal Paris Infallible Matte.

The last skin type which most people have is combination skin. This is when the skin is dry or normal in some spots but oily in others. Many have only a T-zone (area from the forehead to the nose) and dry to normal skin around it. Combination skin can be tricky, which is why different foundations should be tested out. A combination of foundations can also be used such as Matte or oil foundation.

Matching the right foundation with your skin can be a bit of a hassle. Use these helpful tips when considering foundation. If you are still confused there are also professionals that can help match you with your perfect foundation.