Renaissance Man


Dr. Jerry Domatob, a Professor of Mass Communications at Alcorn State University (ASU), was born in Cameroon on the 30th of September. It seems as though he was born with a love for communciations.

He has attended universities in Canada, Ohio and Nigeria. One would say he is extremely well traveled. An author and poet, Domatob has earned his Masters degrees in International Affairs and Journalism in Ottawa-Canada from Carleton University. He has also studied law and journalism at the University of Yaounde and obtained his Ph.D. in Mass Communications from Ohio University. With a broad array of education, Domatob has shared his knowledge with others for many years by being a professor at a handful of institutions.

Before coming to Alcorn, Fordham University, Long Island University and a long list of various other schools have had the pleasure of having Domatob as a part of their teams. He shared that his most enjoyable positions before Alcorn have been when he was the Department chairperson in Nigeria and Long Island University.

Now being  a part of  the Brave family since 2005, Domatob has only positive words about the institution stating that, “Alcorn is a great experience and offers the opportunity to be useful.”  He admits that before he came to ASU he had never heard of it. However, once he set foot on ‘the yard’ he immediately fell in love with the beautiful scenery and the amazing students. Domatob discussed his love of teaching by stating, “Some (students) are very enthusiastic, some are very gifted and some are very talented. It is a great beginning every semester.”

Whenever he is not working, Domatob enjoys writing. To date he has written a handful of books. One is a book of poetry titled, Positive Vibrations, which is a book filled with his poetry. He also has articles that have been published in newspapers such as the Mississippi Link, Reveille and Jackson Advocate. Along with writing he enjoys reading, traveling, music and listening to speeches in his leisure time. He is a part of many different organizations such as The Lions Club International, Port Gibson Chapter and the Masons.

The future for Domotab looks extremely bright. His future goals are to live day to day and eventually go to Heaven. He tells the students at Alcorn that, “this is a great institution with remarkable opportunities for anyone to grab and run with.” As Domatob’s legacy carries on here at Alcorn he reminds himself daily that it was not easy. He believes that hard work pays off through which he has pushed himself to work hard to get to where he is today.