Revamp of the Figure


If you’re one who wears glasses, the wrong choice of frames can ruin your appearance. It takes a nice pair to make your ensemble pop. Now, how to choose the best frame can be tricky due to the thickness of lenses and how they fit on the face. However, if they’re designer, who’s going to be paying attention to how they look on you? No one. Once they see Prada, Gucci or even Nike written on the side, you’ll already look appealing from the perception of brand valuation. 

These Gucci Black Herbarium Ivory Eyeglasses retail for $269. They will give you a classy look and would draw mass attention from the design alone. Along with looking classy, you could throw them off with a matching pair of shoes. The swift look of those eyeglasses have matching mule sandals for ladies that retail for $595.  A pair of loafers expresses the same pattern, however, this style is no longer available.

Cat-eyed frames always seem to steal the hearts of some and these Prada HAVANA eyeglasses will turn heads 180 degrees.   They can be worn for formal occasions or just every day wear but you have to be the type to like to dress up three to five times out of the week in order for them to stand out tremendously. Retail price is set to be $390.

To piggy back on Gucci, the revamp is so strong. Its latest collections are ones that haven’t been turned away from celebrities. Everyone in Hollywood flexes some sort of Gucci apparel on the walkway, at an awards show or just for the heck of it. The Fall collection “Ready to Wear” is fierce. The thoughts of Michele, Gucci’s prolific designer, throw out the profound idea of what it is to be a model. He suggests the only feature that matters is the face.

Unlike celebrities, people here at Alcorn are with the Gucci phase as well. On the first day of class, a guy in my Calculus I class, who goes by the name of “Clutch,” arrived quite spiffy. His attire consisted of an authentic Gucci short sleeved, casual polo shirt with Gucci’s symbol written all over and a collar reflecting the designer’s colors, green and red. Attached to his wrist was a black Gucci watch that had Gucci written on the top face of the inside with green and red, matching his big faced, Gucci symbol belt.

If looking your best isn’t a part of your agenda every day, what is the agenda exactly? When you look good, you feel good. Get rid of the granny, grandpa frames and find some that’ll set you up for compliments because your face will always get looked at. Furthermore, search for Gucci wear. Even if you only own a pair of $95 Gucci socks, you’ll be in style with what’s trending.