Saying Yes to Saying No


A huge lesson I have had to learn and am still practicing is the art of saying no. We, as in the people pleasers of the world, far too often have such a harrowing time simply saying the word no whether it be to our friends, family, coworkers, or peers. No, sometimes feels like a rude or
mean thing to assert to someone. The active desire to help everyone and stay active can leave oneself completely spent so it is imperative to make no a part of your vocabulary.

Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person. Saying no isn’t disrespectful. Saying no doesn’t mean you don’t like that person. Saying no isn’t selfish. At least it isn’t all the time, and sometimes it is, but so what? Everyone deserves and should capitalize on occasional
selfishness. You must be your own star player on your team and if you never learn to truly cater to your own needs then who will. Definitely not the people asking for everything that you’re constantly, contemplating saying no to, but never do.

It is okay to say no and realize when you’ve had enough. Take the necessary time outs for yourself when need be. A constant reminder I have to tell myself is, “It’s okay to not be in everything at once, relaxation is not a crime and it’s not lazy.” While this is not my suggestion to slack off and avoid or drop all your obligations, it is a suggestion to take care of yourself and notice when you’re being spread too thin, and in that moment prioritize and say no to any excess. This will not only enable you to excel even further in your chosen task but give you peace of mind. You deserve peace so take it, and start with simply saying, no.