SGA President Inauguration 2017


The place where the air is a little bit cleaner, the grass is a little bit greener and the water is a little bit sweeter just swore in a new Student Government Association for the 2017-2018 school year.

On October 11th, 2017 in the Gold Room of the Dr. Clinton Bristow Jr. Dining Facility, Patrick Herbert Jr. was sworn in as the 91st Alcorn State University Student Government Association (SGA) President along with Kristina Brown, the 91st Miss Alcorn State University and other Student Government Association members.

Glamorous and classy, the newly inaugurated SGA sat towards the front of the Gold Room, dressed to the nines. The event was open to all students. Prayer was delivered, as well as a speech, from the newly inducted President himself. The occasion was one to remember.

The main focus of the inauguration was the SGA President. Patrick Herbert Jr., a Senior Accounting major, stated that, “This position is one that I’ve has been working towards since the beginning of my Freshman year at Alcorn.”

Reminiscing on his past years at Alcorn, Herbert says that he first became set on the idea of becoming SGA President after attending Freshman Orientation in 2014 at Alcorn.

“The Freshman Orientation that was in June of 2014 was when I first saw then SGA President, Zackeus Johnson and I was very intrigued at the way he carried himself and I felt as though he was a great role model throughout my Freshman year and I truly love him from the bottom of my heart and from then on I was set on being SGA President,” said Herbert.

Along with being an avid campaigner since his Freshman year, Herbert has worked closely with the student body. His campaign was based on what the student body wanted and needed to do and be better. He says that he wants the students to enjoy their experience at Alcorn just like he has and to always uplift the school’s name.

Herbert is not new to being a part of the SGA. He was elected as the 2015-2016  Sophomore Class President for Alcorn’s class of 2018. A foreshadowing win? Maybe, but as hard as Herbert has been working, his work is nowhere near done.

“With the student body, I’m trying to lead by example. I work for the student body and I encourage the Student Government Association to do their jobs the best way that they can do them,” Herbert said.

Focused on what is best for the SGA, Herbert was obviously the greatest candidate for the SGA President position and he wishes to fulfill his promises made to the student body to improve Alcorn.

To the student body Herbert says, “Take every opportunity that you can because nothing in this world is free and I just want them to work hard and I want them to be very successful in any and everything that they may go through.”

Herbert wants to thank his supporters and those who believed in him then as well as those who believe in him now.