Should Church and Schools be separate?


Church and state are two entities that often are intertwined. Many people believe that the church should be separated from school while some believe that the two go hand and hand. Originally the two were combined and not much was thought of it. However, times have changed and people have begun to think more liberal. Religion being taught in school is now considered taboo and unacceptable.

When the country was first founded, everything was a lot simpler because most people were the same religion. The country was founded on Christian principles and teaching these to children was second nature. If you were an American, you were Christian. If you weren’t you were in the minority and did not really have a voice. At a certain point in American history, everything changed. The country became a melting pot for other cultures and religions immigrating into it. America has long been considered the land of milk and honey and this has attracted a slew of different types of people. The fact that the demographic in the country has changed has made it inappropriate to teach Christianity in school.

People who support the connection between church and school usually make the same points. They say religion teaches basic principles that everyone needs in life. The distinction between good and evil and the belief that there are consequences for making right or wrong decisions is grounded from religion. Heaven and hell can give the youngster something to think about when making a choice. While this is a decent point, my belief is that the child’s sense of morals should be taught to him by his parents and if a religion is tied to that belief system, it should be done at home.

You have the right to worship, or not to worship, as your conscience dictates. Public schools cannot force you to take part in religious activities, or prevent you from doing so. Religious freedom means the right to practice as you choose, not as you are told. Possible violations of the First Amendment often go unmentioned and unchallenged. That’s why you need to know and protect your rights. Keeping church and state separate is essential to protecting religious freedom. If the urge to practice religion in school remains that strong to the parents, there are other options. There are plenty of private schools that provide great education while teaching the morals and principles of religion.

Every student should have a fair shot at being open minded. Being taught something at an early age can brainwash someone to think a certain way. It is already enough that the child is probably being told what to believe at home. School should be a safe haven from these conditions. No student should feel uncomfortable or left out in a public school. Separation of church and state both respects the nature of religious faith and supports the maturation of religious liberty as described by the council. Religious institutions will breathe freer and thrive if the government does nothing to entangle its self with religious ministries. If we want to defend the integrity of our faith and promote the reign of God, our first line of defense is that principled wall of separation. Religious and atheist people alike would benefit from it.