Should NFL Players be allowed to kneel during the National Anthem?


It is getting very common to see National Football League (NFL) players kneeling during the National Anthem and it is being talked about nearly everyday on news stations across the country. This entire ordeal began when former San Francisco 49er’s quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, sat on the bench  during the National Anthem before the San Diego Chargers’ game. The reason why Kaepernick did this is because of the injustices that are being rendered towards African Americans. I agree with NFL players taking a knee during the United States’ National Anthem and I see no problem with them doing it. Taking a knee during the National Anthem is the NFL players way of protesting against what is currently going on in the United States.

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, said he would bench players who did not stand during the National Anthem. I don’t agree with this statement that Jones made by any means. Just imagine if he actually benched every player who took a knee during the National Anthem. Also, let’s say if the entire team took a knee, that would make Jones look extremely bad. Even though he is the Dallas Cowboys’ owner he shouldn’t bench a player for simply kneeling during the National Anthem. I could see if he benched players for doing something off the field that could make the team look bad but this is not the case.

Blacks are getting killed by police officers for no reason everyday and justice isn’t being served. It’s the fact that many people know that this is wrong and nothing is being done about this.  Honestly, I think that the reason why this is gaining so much attention is because the players are kneeling for the mistreatment of African Americans. If it was for a different cause other than the legalized execution of African Americans then it wouldn’t be a big deal like it is now.

The NFL owners are considering changing League rules to make it mandatory that players stand for the National Anthem. The League also says that potential disciplinary action will be taken if players aren’t on the field during the playing of the Nation’s National Anthem. I don’t agree with NFL owners making it mandatory that players stand during the National Anthem. Additionally, changing the policy won’t stop the players from kneeling, they are adults. They should just leave the policy the way it is.

If I was an NFL player I would take a knee too because it is for something that needs to be stopped. I was always told to stand up for what I believed in so I would be kneeling for what I believed in. I really like the fact that Kaepernick started this revolution.

It’s not only black players but it’s also white players that are protesting by taking a knee. I think that players should be allowed to kneel during the National Anthem and there shouldn’t be any rules made that say otherwise. There are people in the United States that don’t say or acknowledge the Pledge of the Allegiance. I just don’t see why everyone is making a big deal about the players kneeling.