Six Tips to Survive College


College can cause multiple emotions while you’re going through your educational process. Stress is one of the top emotions that many students feel. With six tips to help you get a head start and show you the way, success should be right around the corner for you.

TIP #1: KEEP STUDENT LOANS TO A MINIMUM  Every student should keep their student loans at a minimum. Student loans are good as long as you don’t over do it. Students have to remember that you will have to pay this money back with interest.  Some students make the mistake of taking out more than needed and end up in tons of debt. It is best to take out only what you need so you can have less financial weight on you when you graduate.

TIP #2: GET TO KNOW YOUR INSTRUCTORS   You don’t have to be their friend nor do you even have to like them, however, it is good to introduce yourself and let it be known what you want to gain from their class. Always respect them and show them that you appreciate their efforts to educate you. The Instructor may be able to give you learning tools to use after college.

TIP #3: KEEP UP WITH ALL OF YOUR GRADES   Show concern on finding out where you stand in the class before midterm or finals. This will help you to see what you need to work on and how to make your grade better. Remember professors are more likely to help students who have shown concern throughout the semester.

TIP #4: DON’T HANG WITH THE WRONG CROWD  It’s great to have friends and hang out sometimes. However, never put yourself in a situation to be late, miss class, miss an assignment or fail because of “friends”. Don’t feel left out when you have to go to class, do homework or study. The efforts of your hard work will pay off when you’re walking across that stage. Remember to gain knowledge because that’s the reason people attend college in the first place.

TIP #5: CHECK YOUR STUDENT EMAILS EVERYDAY  This is important for knowing if class has cancelled, events happening on campus and tips from the student board. A lot of important and urgent information is sent to your student emails. You don’t want to miss information that can help you on this journey. Most students are already online anyway, so it should be easy to check your student email as well while surfing the internet.

TIP #6:  KEEP TRACK OF YOUR HEALTH Exercising around campus can be fun and effortless. Walking the track while listening to music and hanging out with friends can make working out easy. Even a simple walk to class across campus can go towards exercising. A lot of young people may think that health is not an issue because of their age. However, the last thing anyone wants to experience are health problems that can occur at any age. You don’t want your unhealthy habits in college to follow you to your adult life.

I hope these six tips will make college student’s lives a lot easier. Speaking from experience nothing can compare to the feeling of knowing that you’ve accomplished something. Don’t get side tracked on things that don’t matter. The time is now to get an education and not have to look back and wish you made better decisions. EDUCATION MATTERS, GET YOURS!