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The Harsh Truth: Fashion & Fashion Trends

In today’s fast-paced society, many things are constantly changing and the fashion world is no different. There is a consistent trend in new aesthetics and mood boards day-to-day and monthly with the support of TikTok and many other social media outlets. Although social media outlets such as TikTok and Instagram play a vital role in new trend cycles, another theory is essential to note: the increase in population. Fashion is moving fast because there are ten times more personalities in today’s world compared to the 20th century. In 1970, the US population was around 203 million people, whereas today, the US population is around 303 million people, leading to an overall increase in different fashion perspectives and styles. In 2022, so many variations in fashion trends have occurred within different subgroups and cultures. Although the variation and continuing growth of fashion and other fashion trends may seem reasonable, there are also some cons and harsh truths to this peak of fashion growth.


With this drastic increase and ever-changing form of fashion trends, many are exploring fashion and developing their unique individualism. Many individuals are exploring fashion and creating their styles with help and inspiration from celebrities and social media content creators. A notable benefit of the constantly changing trends is that many people can participate in these trendy styles, regardless of class or income, as compared to the 19th/20th century, whereby most people who dressed well at that particular time were only the ultra-rich/wealthy. Although best-dressed individuals are still more than likely rich, everybody now has the newfound freedom to participate in and explore fashion with daily access and resources (ex: Thrift Stores, Fast-Fashion, etc.). In a time where self-expression is critical and new trends are constantly developing, you can feel good and confident about whatever you decide to wear while staying true to yourself and having fun with fashion.


Although the constant up-and-coming trends are becoming a daily occurrence and are suitable for different perspectives within fashion and expression of freedom, there are a few cons to this new agenda. With the constant production of fashion brands trying to keep up with trends, most brands are leading to a mass overproduction of clothes, more waste, and causing more harm to the environment. Brands located in other countries typically overwork their workers to produce products of lesser quality to sell quickly to consumers. Another con with the newfound overproduction of trends is that many people feel the need to keep up. With many different directions and styles, many people are left feeling either “overwhelmed” or typically stuck to a particular niche within fashion. 


Just as fashion trends continuously change, fashion brands continue to market and profit by attempting to sell the idea that previous styles and trends will not be good enough after their peak. Although times are constantly changing, the fashion industry is continuously improving and the notion of trends popular a year prior are worse the following year from fashion brands’ perspectives. Fashion regularly cycles back around, so the products we invest in will likely become trendy again at some point in the near future. With fashion and fashion enthusiasts, most will continue to feed into the trends and ideas of new products because most people love to be trendy and participate in what’s popular to stay up-to-date while also steadily feeding into what the brands are trying to sell.

Ladarrius Besst
Ladarrius Besst
Ladarrius Besst is a Senior Mass Communications major from Jackson, Mississippi. He will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2022-2023 school year.


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