The Importance of a College Degree


Is a college degree necessary in today’s generation? In my personal opinion, what kind of question is that? As a child, I was always lead to believe that receiving a college education was the best route to take for my future. Statistics states that the number of students enrolling in colleges and universities this year is 1.7 percent lower than it was last year. Statistics also say the percentage of high-school graduates who immediately enrolled in college fell from 69 percent in 2008 to 66 percent in 2013. These young people obviously do not understand that with a college degree you are more likely to make more money and be more educated in the future.

In today’s generation, making money is the most important thing on a young person’s mind. You’ll hear many people say, “I gotta get this money” or “I got money on my mind.” Why not get a degree to make more money? In high school there are scholarships available for you to attend college, graduate, get a job and make a sizeable income. Why are we not taking advantage of that? Many people try to make money in all of the wrong ways by gambling, selling drugs and stealing but all that gets you is put in jail or put in the grave. I’d rather be in someone’s college learning than standing behind bars waiting on bail money that will probably never come. Carpe Diem people.

How are you going to get a well paying job without a college degree? And I’m not talking about managing a McDonalds. I’m talking about becoming a lawyer, doctor, or CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Many high level jobs require at least an Associate’s degree. Why do you think you see so many older people coming back to college? They need a college degree to find a better job. Even if your field doesn’t require a degree, sometimes obtaining one will still help you be more qualified than other candidates. College is the key.

Going to college gives you more opportunity and allows you to meet life long friends. When you get out into the real world, you will have to work with other people’s personalities whether you like it or not. College is a great way to get you ready for it. You gain knowledge and new skills for your field as well. Getting involved in clubs and organizations looks good on your resume and helps you land your career job. So trust me when I tell you that receiving a college degree is still necessary in today’s generation.