Three Major Signs A Woman Doesn’t Like You


Females are complex, easily aggravated creatures delicately handcrafted by God. Despite their constant mood swings and eye rolling, men love them anyway. Since women are such complex creatures, sometimes it’s hard for a man to understand when she’s not interested. It drives us women crazy to think that some men just cannot take a hint.

Sometimes women are not sure if they like a male just yet, so they agree to hang out on a park bench, grab some lunch somewhere or they may even want to watch a movie with the male. If everything is running smoothly and the male gets the vibe that she is feeling you, then alright, so be it. However, there are times when the male may feel the vibe and the woman does not. If this ever happens to you, there are three signs that will reveal if a woman is not interested.

Sign number one, women will ignore your texts. Sometimes men blow up a woman’s phone trying to figure out when they can “chill” or “come through.” The majority of the time, if a man texts me asking to “chill” I’m going to straight up ignore the text and act like it never even came through to my phone. The truth is, if a woman is unresponsive to texts, she’s likely receiving them and is choosing not to reply. Men like to cling to that tiny ray of hope that there is some kind of good reason for why a text isn’t being returned but there rarely is one. While some women do not reply at all, there are some who respond but their responses are short and blunt which still produces the same result, she’s not into you.

Sign number two, women will avoid all physical contact such as hugs or sitting way too close. If a woman’s body language is stiff and unapproachable, then she is subliminally showing that she has no intention of being romantically involved with you. If this happens, it is best that men try not to force any physical interaction upon them. When physical contact is forced upon women they feel extremely uncomfortable, tense and aggravated. If women wanted to be touched or were romantically interested in you, they would show it and contact between both parties would be warm and comforting.

Sign number three, a woman will thoroughly explain that she is not interested. This is the most obvious sign of all, yet men choose to completely ignore this. A woman can directly tell a man that she only wants to be friends and that she is not interested in him, however, a man may take this as “she’s just playing hard to get.” Sometimes, the idea of a woman not wanting a man makes the man only want the woman more. They get excited by the thrill of chasing a woman who has no particular interest in them. Men fail to realize that when women say things like, “I’m not interested” or “we are just friends” she truly means it, unless the man can find a way to change their minds in due time.

Men are always going to chase women. Despite women ignoring text messages and avoiding all physical contact, men still attempt to pursue them even after they have explained that they are not interested. I hope that men learn to read the simple signs of disinterest that women give so that things do not have to get too awkward.