Tips for Colored Hair


Ladies we all know that colored hair can often seem dull and damaged. Methods of coloring hair like streaking and bleaching can leave the hair the most difficult to handle. Most hair colors have an ingredient called ammonia which is a chemical bleaching agent. Ammonia can be responsible for brittle and dry hair. These tips will help maintain healthy colored hair.

1.     Avoid shampooing colored hair frequently. This will help to prevent water from washing away your coloring making it appear dull. It will also help your hair to keep its natural oil.

2.     Use quality shampoo and conditioner. Certain shampoos and conditioners have active ingredients that help to maintain your hair color. The ingredients help to maintain a healthy balance in your hair’s needs.

3.     Skip shampooing colored hair and go right into conditioning it. Skipping the shampooing stage will allow you to keep your colored hair longer. Many shampoos often strip the hair and will leave it dry. The stripping of the hair and its color are done when they are mixed with sulfate shampoo. Try using sulfate-free shampoo.

4.     Deep conditioning treatments can also be used. This should be applied once a week to keep the hair shiny and moisturized. Some treatments require heat and time processing.

5.     Hair, Nail and Skin vitamins. These vitamins are another key to keeping colored hair healthy. Vitamins C and B have essential ingredients to help keep your hair and body healthy and strong.

6.     Use less heat as possible. Hair that is colored is at a higher risk of being damaged by heat. When it is possible allow colored hair to dry on its own.

7.     The most important tip is to frequently clip your hair. That frizzy hair that people seem to hate is more than likely damaged. Regular cuts will help your hair look healthier and stop the splitting of ends.